AFAM Congress


Welcome. Since 2001 The Navigators have convened a meeting of those involved in making disciples among African Americans; the Congress on Discipleship. We’ve met in different parts of the country and have grown from 29 to over 400. The Congress is sponsored by the Navigators African American Network of The Navigators

The AFAM Network is a connectional ministry that stimulates, guides, resources and trains a wide range of people from around the country to engage in both advancing the gospel and whole-life discipleship among African Americans.

The Congress is a diverse gathering with pastors and lay persons from different ethnic backgrounds that are coming to learn more about how to more effectively advance the gospel among African Americans. It is my continual prayer that we will frame the foundations for a strong movement of disciples who will reach into the world with the gospel of Christ.

Be blessed and be strong in Christ,

Rich Berry
AFAM Congress on Discipleship
P.S. Listen to the DC 2012 AFAM Congress Sessions - click here

2016 Conference